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Rice Flour

Factory Stuffing of Goods

Rice has been a staple food source around the world for centuries, especially in eastern cultures. Rice is eaten by over half of the world population and provides 20% of the world's dietary energy supply. Rice is a valuable source of energy, as well as carbohydrates, potassium and thiamin.

Rice flour - Coarse Grade

Rice flour is primarily made from polished broken rice. Rice flour, sometimes called rice powder, is made from finely milled white raw rice and is used to make fresh rice noodles and sweets. It is also used to thicken coconut milk to a rich, smooth and creamy consistency. The rice flour is easily available in most Asian markets. Rice flour has previously been used in food products for baby foods. Today the rice flour has extensive use in many recipes. Rice flour is being used in cereals, crackers, chips, snacks, and coating applications to provide different textures.

Rice flour- Fine Grade

In recent years, the benefits of rice flour were discovered and the so the usage in new applications began growing dramatically in India, Japan, Southeast Asia, Thailand and USA. Rice flour is ideal for people having special dietary requirements as it has no gluten, fat and cholesterol and so it has been proven to be a perfect intake for gluten intolerant people.

Rice flour can be digested easily compared to other flours and it has light and fluffy qualities. It is also an excellent thickener for sauces, gravies and custards.

Vacuum Packing

Rice flour is compatible to many wheat flour recipes and is also used as a thickening agent in refrigerated or frozen recipes. Manufacturers of food products, chefs and cooks have realized the nutritional value of rice flour and have replaced wheat flour with rice flour in many recipes.

Vaccum Packed Rice Flour

We are offering wide range of Vaccum Packed Rice Flour.Our Rice Flour is manufactured from finely milled white raw rice and is available in various size of packaging. Rice flour are processed using high quality polished broken raw rice and are widely known as rice powder. We can adjust the cooking percentage depending on the applications.