Roasted Guar Korma

Guar Meal is a natural animal feed but is also used as binder for other feeds. It typically comes in two forms: Guar Meal Churi (Hull) and Guar Meal Korma (Germ).

The Guar seed constitutes of hull, germ and endosperm in the following proportion

Hull (Churi) 14 to 17%
Germ (Korma) 40 to 47 %
Endosperm (Gum) 35 to 42%

Guar gum is derived from the endosperm and this process leaves behind a residual mass leftover called guar meal. Primarily, Guar seed is split, yielding mainly endosperm along with a high protein germ fraction and marginally low protein hull fraction as by products.

Guar Meal products

We offer 5 Guar Meal products which are as follows

1. Normal Guar Meal Churi

It is the hull part of the guar seed which is split from the seed. The hull is grounded and then roasted in natural ways without the addition of any chemicals. It is low in lignin which is good for ruminants and high in protein, dietary fiber and energy that makes it perfect to be used in animal feed. It is available in powder form and its protein content is 33 to 36%

Form Roasted Protein value
Powder Yes 32 to 36%
2. Roasted Guar Meal Churi

It is the best product in this category having 38 to 42% protein value which is comparatively higher than other feed stuffs. The regular Guar meal churi undergoes treatment and sterilization and its nutritional value is raised. It is also a good source of carbohydrates and amino acids. It is available in powder form.

Form Roasted Protein value
Powder Yes 38 to 42%
3. Normal Guar Meal Korma

It is basically the germ part of the guar seed and is obtained after the guar gum is extracted from the seeds. It is a potential source of protein and carbohydrates with sufficient amount of amino acids. Therefore it is recommended to be given to milking animals. This enhances in the production of more milk as well as more percentage of fat in the milk. It is available in granular form and the protein value is 45 to 48%.

Form Roasted Protein value
Granular No 45 to 48%
4. Roasted Guar Korma

The regular guar korma is further processed to increase its nutritional value. It is a rich source of amino acids and its protein content is 48 to 50 %. It is available in granular form.

Form Roasted Protein value
Granular Yes 48% to 52%
5. High Protein Guar Korma

The Guar korma is toasted to make it palatable and more nutritious. The roasted Guar korma is free of anti nutritive elements, such as antitrypsin inhibitor. This inhibitor limits the formation of trypsin which is an essential enzyme for nutrition. Therefore the Guar korma is heated at high temperature which breaks the cell walls and enhances the protein and amino acids digestibility in the product. It is available in granular form and the protein value is more than 55%, which is the highest in Guar meal category.

Form Roasted Protein value
Granular Yes 55-58%
Our products’ specifications
Product Name→

Product Specifications↓

Regular Guar Churi High protein Guar Churi Regular Guar meal Korma High protein Guar meal Korma Roasted Guar Korma
Form Powder Powder Granular Granular Granular
Roasted Yes Yes No No Yes
Crude Protein 32-36% 38-42% 45-48% 48-52% 55-58%
Moisture 10-12% 6-10% 10-12% 10-12% 4-8%
Fat 3-4% 3-4% 4-5% 4-5% 5-6%
Fiber 10-12% 6-8% 10-12% 6-8% 5-6%
Ash 5-7% 4-6% 4-6% 2-4% 1-2%
Sand – Silica 1-2% 1-2% 1-2% 1-2% 1-2%
Comparison of Guar meal with Soybean meal

The high amino acid content makes Guar Meal an appealing and potential source of protein supplement for animals. Moreover the germ fraction contains energy, protein, methionine and phosphorus in higher levels than in other best available vegetable proteins. The comparison of guar meal with soybean clearly concludes that guar meal can be introduced as a suitable replacement for conventional meals without any adverse effects.

Analysis for Amino Acid
Parameters Soybean meal Guar meal Korma (50%)
Cystine 0.70 1.00
Leucine 3.49 2.40
tdreonine 1.78 0.03
Tryptophan 0.64 0.52
Tyrosine 1.57 6.13
Valine 1.80 2.54
Arginine 3.39 9.96
Histidine 1.19 3.75
Metdionine 0.57 2.96
Phenylalanine 2.22 3.47
Glycine 2.00 5.85

The following details show that normal Guar Korma can partially replace soybean whereas roasted korma can fully substitute soybean meal in animal feed.

Guar meal comparison with Soybean meal
Parameters Guar meal Churi Guar meal Korma Roasted Guar meal Korma Soybean meal
Protein Upto 42% 45-52% 55-58% 46-48%
Fiber 6-12% 6-12% 5-6% 6%
Fat 5-7% 5-6% 5-6% 0.20-1%
Ash/Sand – Silica 5-7% 4-6% 1-2% 2%
Total Energy 2698 K Cal/Kg 4050 K Cal/Kg 4100 K Cal/Kg 3650 K Cal/Kg
Calcium 0.30 0.55 0.55 0.25
Phosphorus 0.42 0.68 0.68 0.58
Pepsin Digestibility 87-90% 80% 87% 84%
Trypsin Inhibitor 2 mg/g 2 mg/g <1 mg/g (Nearly Nil) >2 mg/g
Urea Activity <0.10% <0.10% <1% <0.10%
Aflatoxin Nil Nil Nil Nil
Salmonella Nil Nil Nil Nil
E Coli Nil Nil Nil Nil


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  • Dairy Animals
  • Aqua Feed